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The Vegan Cookbook: 100 of the Most Delicious Plant-Based Recipes Ever by Adele McConnell Hardcover, 176 pages Expected publication: March 18th 2014 by Duncan Baird Publishers
Whether you self-identify as a vegan-for-lifer or simply as one scoping out the scene, chances are, your experience has been dampened by a single, misguided serving of the dreaded hippie gruel.  Fear not.

Food blogger, Adele McConnell, of Vegie Head has assembled a luscious collection of recipes for newbie vegans and for those of us who choose a nutritious, plant-based diet.  Vegan Cookbook is filled with page after page of gorgeous photos of mouthwatering dishes that will both inspire and nourish. More than just a book of vegan recipes, The Vegan Cookbook educates readers as to the benefits of avoiding animal products in our foods and simplifies meal-planning for individuals with food sensitivities by clearly marking gluten, soy, nut, sugar free and raw food recipes using easily-identifiable icons to indicate recipes for specialized dietary preferences. 

Using easily accessible ingredients, McConnell's approach to meals is easy to recreate in your own kitchen, and with a wide variety of offerings, this title could easily sit alone as the only instructional cookbook on your shelf. Home cooks will enjoy preparing their own vegan milks and cheeses, which for many can mean the difference between diving into an all plant-based diet, or backing away for fear of being denied their favorite, savory dishes. Decadent offerings of smoothies and compotes are sure to invoke a satisfying start to your day, while lunches of Curried Chickpea Satay and Sweet Potato Cups with Hummus and Walnut Pesto will ignite a new love of all things veggie.

McConnell's succulent, savory, Rustic Tart with Spinach Pesto will win you with its gratifying flavor, and her Cherry Coconut Crunch Bars, Lime and Coconut Muffins will have you salivating at the end of the meal. 


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