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The Blessing StoneThe Blessing Stone by Barbara Wood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Having, against all good advise, judged this book by its cover, I was entirely unprepared for what I found inside The Blessing Stone. Mistakenly, I believed the book to be just another pretty face; a book that would look attractive on the shelf until I'd had my wicked way with it and disposed of its tawdry remains.

From the turning of the first page until the last, this book OWNED me. I was spellbound, throughout.

Barbara Wood's ability to seamlessly chronicle the evolution of human thought and conscious awareness combined with the unfolding of doctrine of early religion is cultivated in a style that is both palatable and captivating. The mystique of feminine power is a constant theme in this book, which reads almost as a collection of short stories connected by a beautiful blue stone borne from within a meteorite when it shattered upon the earth millions of years ago. The stone is regarded across the ages to be a sacred object of great power and highly desired for the the purpose of maintaining dominance and acts as a catalyst for impossible accomplishments throughout the span of history, and finally, ending in modern times.

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