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The GargoyleThe Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Again, I have to admit that I chose this book primarily for its cover (I have a THING about not reading the synopsis inside the dust jacket; I find most fictions to be predictable,and I find "going in blind" prolongs my enjoyment.)

The Gargoyle, from the first paragraph, grabbed me with a horrified fascination that was inescapable.
The grotesque, vivid detail captured by the author, Andrew Davidson is contrary to traditional writing styles that draw the reader into the story in a more genteel way; the raw imagery is grippingly violent, the main character vile. I found myself absorbed to the point where I had to consciously relax my tense muscles and remind myself that I wasn't in physical pain.

The true genius of this artful masterpiece is in the interweaving of several ill-fated love stories spanning across the ages with the grotesque, connecting with a breathtaking saga of modern-day redemption.

Author Andrew Davidson has set the bar high for a first novel; I'll be watching him with great interest, waiting for more.

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