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Porcupette Finds a FamilyPorcupette Finds a Family by Vanita Oelschlager
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Oh... oh...oh! This story is just the sweetest thing!

I fell instantly in love with Porcupette, the baby porcupine who's mama disappeared while foraging for food one day. When she was scared, I wanted to take care of her, and was proud when she remembered to put her quills up like her mama had taught her. Isn't that the silliest thing? But I did. I felt invested, emotionally.

When she was fearful, I felt protective.

When she wondered if she had done something wrong to make her mama stop loving her, I tried not to cry. Emphasis: TRIED.

When she accidentally pricked her new family with her quills, I felt the need to express compassion.

And I was so grateful to Mother Bear, who loved Porcupette when she was at her most unlovable, and who's unconditional love ultimately helps Porcupette find self-acceptance.

Porcupette Finds a Family IS a tearjerker; twenty years ago, mothers were crying into Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch, but today, perhaps a more pertinent book on familial love in the restructured family unit has arisen. Written for adoptive families by Vanita Oelschlager, its message is both applicable and endearingly applicable to children of divorced parents, traditional families, or the the unhealed child within.

Buy it in hardback and keep it forever.

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