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Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of SpiritualityIndie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality by Chris Grosso
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Author Chris Grosso Separates the Wheat From the Bullshit

With a table of contents that reads like a playlist, Indie Spiritualist author, Chris Grosso, is brutally honest as he shares his journey in carving out a path in his own darkness to find personal meaning and true value in his own spiritual truth.

At a Snatam Kaur Indian devotional/ kirtan music performance I attended last spring, Kaur shared an observation that in this culture, yoga is practiced with a pastel mat rolled up under one arm and a Starbucks coffee in your opposite hand. By contrast, in India, Yogis own no possessions, but a loincloth and a begging bowl; yoga is an inward spiritual practice that requires no trendy accessories, only solitude. Our spirituality has been bottled, bought, and trademarked.

By addressing our complacency and avoiding the spirituality culture, Chris Grosso encourages us to look our mortality square in the eye, recognizing and acknowledging it, that we may explore a deeper spiritual relationship with ourselves.

In Indie Spiritualist, Grosso shakes free of dogma as part of a modern-day awakening, yet he faces terrible spiritual crisis to the tune of, “does he wear Saucony or Vans to perform kirtan at a yoga retreat? (He wore the Saucony. Namaste.)”

He creates a delicate balance of flesh and spirit, and then intentionally topples it by dropping the F-bomb.

He’s a brilliant contradiction in terms, and he’s beautiful.

I can see him in my mind’s eye, levitating in the heavenlies upon a golden lotus in the clouds.

I can see him pissing over the side.

Chris Grosso doesn’t adopt an elevated, new-agey spiritual superiority, but introduces Buddhist concepts like Samadhi, rendering it accessible to the uninitiated by likening the experience to the state of bliss attained during a fifteen-minute Eddie Van Halen solo. He’s put a vacuum sealed packet of Nirvana (the state of consciousness, not the band) at the bottom of the cereal box for us all to find; we may have to work a little to find it, but it’s there, and its worth it.

Indie Spiritualist- A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality
by Chris Grosso

Atria Books
Pub Date: Mar 4 2014 

Chris Grosso is a tattooed, independent culturist, freelance writer, spiritual aspirant, recovering addict, and musician. He serves as spiritual director of the interfaith center The Sanctuary at Shepardfields offering educational resources for personal transformation, community evolution, and environmental restoration. Chris writes for such venues as Elephant Journal, Yoganonamous, The Good Men Project, and hosts his own monthly radio show on Where is My Guru?. He created the popular hub for all things alternative, independent, and spiritual with The Indie Spiritualist website. A self-taught musician, Chris has been writing, recording, and touring since the mid-1990s playing with independent bands.

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