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Disposition of RemainsDisposition of Remains by Laura T. Emery
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I'm usually reading several books at a time (a bit like channel surfing) but I started reading it last night, and its been all I can do to keep from slacking all day and keep my nose in Disposition of Remains. THANK GOD the weekend is coming up and its a satisfying 384 pages!

As a survivor of domestic abuse; so much of the anger Laura T Emery’s character, Stacia, carries (the need for closure of the fragmented pieces of her life BEFORE her marriage) is redolent of my own fury at my life being stolen from me; the feeling of being hijacked. In all probability, I had an equal measure of anger turned inward for not loving myself… PROTECTING myself from allowing so many years of my potential to waste away in a toxic relationship. The integrity of Emery’s writing does not end at accurate historical and cultural descriptions, but depicts with unabashed honesty the complex myriad of emotions involved with judging one’s self. In writing Disposition of Remains, author Laura T Emery wrote in circles around herself; the book was rife with subtle recurring themes, bringing warmth and depth to the story and development of its characters.

As awareness of her mortality blooms, Stacia begins the process of giving birth to herself, even as her death is drawing near. Her conviction, “I have to become someone different than I have been” marks the beginning of the repeated theme as she labors to belong, truly, to herself.

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