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Am I Beautiful?Am I Beautiful? by Chine Mbubaegbu
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This was a very personal telling of the marginalization experienced by the author, being both a woman and a woman of color, contrasted with the Truth as presented in God's Word; that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Chine Mbubaegbu revitalizes the Barbie argument, citing that with worldwide sales reaching one billion, 90% of girls between the ages three and ten own a Barbie doll. Combined with the fact that a girls's lifelong body-image is fully developed by the tender age of eight, its no wonder we, as adult women, come into agreement with female objectification and resent our bodies for failing to reach impossible standards.

Mbubaegbu shares the pain of living outside the realm of accepted beauty, even as she justifies the natural desire women have to seek out beauty and to be seen as beautiful; particularly growing up in the western world. She creates a safe space for acknowledging our feminine need for beauty even as she breaks out hearts over studies that show young black girls as internalizing the perspective that, not having won the genetic lottery and therefore playing host to idealized western beauty, their (perceived) lack of beauty is an inwardly reflected; they see themselves as being "bad" or unlovable.

The reality expressed is that true beauty is a reflection of God's perfect love in our hearts; that to truly celebrate our beauty is to become true to the image of God.

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