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431 Superior by D.M. Pratt, Paperback, 180 pages. Published September 25th, 2013 by Dog Ear Publishing. ISBN 1457523213
From start to finish. this book cracked me up! The dynamic between 431 Superior's main characters, forty-ish newlyweds, Lucy and Nate Fair, is endearingly believable; I fell in love with their intimate, sexy relationship, filled with quickies, thwarted attempts at sex, bad puns, and high-fives celebrating their own awesomeness. I could practically hear the skeezy porn music spontaneously filling the background of each (foiled) attempt at coupling, followed by the inevitable screeching to an immediate halt as something goes terribly, terribly wrong. 
With an internal voice who refers to herself as "Lucy Pornstar Fair," protagonist, Lucy, reaches for sexual experiences slightly out of her league, and somehow finds a way to balance her awkward discomfort with the ability to convince herself (and her goofy husband, Nate) that they could do it better. Nate shares a similar ability to justify his admittedly, immature compulsive need to laugh inappropriately at even the slightest innuendo (ala Beavis and Butthead) with the very NOT vanilla sexual circumstances for advanced practitioners ONLY that he finds himself in, and the absolute miracle that his wife, Lucy, wants to take part.

The fact that this couple, who invariably sort their laughter into one another's chest whenever faced with an encounter that crosses their sexual boundaries and compulsively deadpan the most (admittedly) immature, raunchy stream of one-liners about sex and bodily fluids/secretions/gasses, have the confidence and follow-through to open up their own sex club blows my mind; particularly as they rarely can see an orgasm through to completion. The true miracle of 431 Superior is in the love shared between Luce and Nate; the trust they have in one another is clearly defined to the point of living in their own reality, and constantly find themselves shocked that they aren't alone, too late for discretion and DEFINITELY TMI.
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