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Love Child 

You are a child of the Universe, beloved.
In the stillness of your heart,
There lies a sacred space
You are holy.
You are loved.
The chaos of the external reality
Is only a dream.
Before there were Gods and Goddesses
There was Love
And all life springs from Love.
You are not your enemies, the deceivers
They are victims, acting out of their own deception.
Hold onto that place
Where you are Light and Love
And undefiled.
Blessed be.

Love Song to My Sister (part two)

and there was that time
when we were a child
and we could see
really see
and we kept perfect harmony with the wind
or was it the moon
as she pushed and she pulled the waters

later, she would pull at our wombs
but we knew nothing of that
or, then again, maybe we did
we may not have remembered just yet

we could see through the wind
and what we saw at the other side made us laugh
sometimes, we went to the other side
and we were at home, and we could fly
i never wanted to come back from that place, did you?

was that you, or me?
sometimes, I forget, but I do

remember the Magic

it wasn’t God, or Goddess, or the Universe then,

it was One.

Love Song to my Sister

remember that time?

remember that time when we were walking
and the sun warmed our hair as it rested on our shoulders
as we worked our winding way down the rolling slope of the mountain
to the meadow in the basin where the path dipped down
and where the moss-covered trees sang their song,
and it sounded like a sigh?

the slight breeze lifted their branches,
so we lifted our eyes and we stood still.

we became one with the old tree,
as She gathered us in and held us
in an embrace
in Her deep, resonant voice,

“Welcome home…Welcome home…”

    Julian Mongoose, age 6

    "What a lovely walk we had this afternoon; I recited as much of Allen Ginsberg's Howl that I could pull out of my rusty brain before switching to Sunflower Sutra (love!) and discussing its meaning, using big words with small definitions. Afterwards, we created a list of words to describe feelings of hysterical madness then screamed them as if our head's were going to explode. All in all, a pleasant walk."

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