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Which is more destructive... The TRUTH or a LIE? 

John 8:32 says, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Both the Talmud and Anaïs Nin both say, "We do not see the world as it is. We see the world as we are.” What happens when our eyes are opened and we are presented with the TRUTH, unfiltered by personal experiences and perceptions and we are forced to ACT? Everything about ourselves, our thought-processes, our soapboxes, our relationships, shifts, and is subject to re-investigation, and ultimately, destruction.

What happens when our eyes are opened to truths outside ourselves, and part of our personal TRUTH becomes that we are, as a worldwide community, victim to manipulations of governmental policies that put our health and well-being at risk? Do we become Kali, the goddess of destruction, and tear down the structures that keep us enslaved to co-operations like Monsanto, the man behind the curtain, or do we live the lie and let the destruction become internal as we willingly play our parts in the great charade? 

We are ultimately all connected... you.. me... the family who lives in dust, sick and dying, watching their children play naked with extended bellies... the soldiers who give themselves as sacrifice for a better way, blindly, hoping their governments have their best interests at heart... the fat cats who line their pockets with the oppression of the vulnerable. Our personal truth has direct consequences not only for ourselves, but for all.

What is your TRUTH? 

Are you willing to tear yourself open, and reject the subjective, to enable YOU to become US, one with the whole in TRUTH and Light?

Or are you only willing to stumble blindly in the dark, rejecting TRUTH as you reject yourself?

I choose to be refined in the fire. I choose destruction. I choose to walk in integrity with the TRUTH, because on the other side of destruction is healing, not only for myself as an individual, but for those who are without clear vision and with distorted perception, clouded by a sense of false security. 

Who will walk with me?

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