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I started Naked Consciousness because I wanted to create a forum in which I could share my journey from living in an abusive relationship to freeing myself and finding healing.

I write from a Christian feminist perception... That may seem like a contradiction in terms, but nothing could be farther from the truth. God designed women to have shared value with men. When our Father created mankind, it was in His image. Just as the holy trinity is made up of three parts, existing simultaneously as separate individually and as a whole being, God poured not only his male, but female nature as well into Adam during his creation. In Jewish tradition, the Holy Spirit has always been referred to in the feminine form. As a co-existent being with the Father and the Son,  the feminine nature of God is not cancelled out, but ratified as one of the beautiful facets of the Godhead.  In the genesis of womankind, the Father put Adam into a deep sleep and pulled from him a rib (translated from the original Hebrew as meaning, more accurately half of him;) pulling out the feminine nature of Adam and creating the new, feminine gender. The female form was NOT a separate being, but was designed, like the Trinity, to co-exist as mankind. The female gender was pulled from Adam because God the Father saw that it was not good that Adam was alone. 

Until the event of original sin occurred, Adam and Eve existed side by side as equals, male and female. It was not until the female, Eve, entered into sin that the concept of submission entered into play; until that time, the only submission that took place was directed towards God, Himself. Like the one who created him, Adam was given the task of responsibility for his wife, not as a dictator taking away her gender value or ability to make her own choices, in the way of stewardship, to protect her and keep her from harm. Ephesians chapter five tells us that husbands are to love their wives as Christ loves the church, giving HIMSELF to keep her pure and undefiled by sin. A woman’s femininity is not a call to domestic servitude, it’s a call to men of God to rise up and be leaders in their homes in Christlikeness.

Many believers look at Proverbs as an example for women, but for some reason, they tend to read only the parts relating to submission. A wife SHOULD submit to her husband, because it’s a blessing to her that her husband is a covering to her, but removing the wisdom and enterprising nature from the context of a Godly woman’s virtue is like a diamond with only one facet; it has no beauty because it has no way to refract Light. 

The feminine form is BEAUTIFUL. It has to be, because it existed in the Godhead before it was placed in Adam, in God’s image. As women of God, we are so, so blessed to share in His image, and to share in his ability to create by bringing new life into the world. We were designed to bring glory to the Living God, equally, with mankind. Without the ability embrace our feminism, no matter by what we call it, or even if we don’t have a name for it at all, we have no way to rise up as women Christ-followers and worship with our entire being. God wants all of our hearts and minds, not just parts that fit in easily with patriarchy and male entitlement.

Be a diamond.


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