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New Moon Waxing Crescent

I'm feeling really not-so-goodish right now. When the moon drains of its light, she takes me right down with her, every time. I'm damn near ready to start leaving her little offerings of sweets and trinkets and song, just to appease her. She shakes me to the core until I bleed with her, emptying myself of built up negative energies that fester like a wound.  
Living in sync with the moon creates a spiritual aspect to our cycles as women, and creates the basis for understanding ourselves outside the biology of our bodies.  Focusing solely on the physical realm, we amputate the most central part of ourselves; our sacred beauty, our light, our femininity. The Holy Spirit, in traditional Judaic teachings, is refered to as YHVH's Goddess nature, and the only part of the Holy Trinity described in the feminine form. 

Culturally, so much heat is put on our gender during times of menstruation, and historically the belief that a woman's menstrual blood is dangerous; deadly even, and spans across otherwise unbreakable barriers between religions. And we are dangerous. We become very thin in our connection with the physical, and our thoughts turn inward. We are easily agitated when roused from our introverted state. We can turn waspish, snapping at anyone who interferes with our sacred meditation.

Our inward focus and tendancy to isolate is magnetic in its lure to draw us; our journey erratic and unsettling as we may visit our own deep well of darkness, places in which we have been disregarded, limited, marginalized, squelched. Extinguished.  

In the days immediately prior to menses, days best acknowledged as a time of ritual preparation,  we feel the pull of the lunar cycle within our wombs. Creating a sacred space in which we are able to safely reflect on our feelings and experiences dwelling within the vacuum of our hearts gives us the opportunity to process issues that may have been shoved aside for matters more immediately pressing. All creatures in nature build themselves nests or burrow into dens or find a quiet, to seclude themselves without distractions or the risk of exposure to either the elements or prey animals that might cause them injury or even death. Taking from their example, we can do the same during menstruation, protecting ourselves from unneeded contact with others and stimulation that keeps us from our task. We need our space. 

The ability to process our negative emotions (a natural desire during a woman's cycle) is integral to finding internal peace. Everything about menstruation is about emptying noxious elements from within. Our wombs are drained of blood that, while meant to nourish new life, can cause us to sicken if it were to remain in the uterus. We perspire excessively and our skin and hair is covered in oil as toxicity is carried out of our bodies. We dwell on forgotten issues, we wrestle with them and ourselves. All our thoughts and even our dreaming is focused of righting the wrongs within. 
We may not have the ability to reach inside another human being and give him a good shake until we get the resolution we may feel we need, but we do have the power to reach inside ourselves. In acknowledging the areas of hurt left raw by neglect, and we can take responsibility for the self-desertion of our innermost being and finally move past the feelings of personal betrayal and betrayal by others and we become purified. 

We are shed of our rage in times of menstruation.

We are shed of our accumulative brokenness.

We are shed of our disappointments,  anxiety, disgust, self-abuse,  humiliations we've experienced, feeling of being overwhelmed, and conflicts with others  that would otherwise be trapped within.  

Allowing negative emotions to remain, and without a safe space to fully process the experiences that are so often set aside for a more convenient time (that rarely comes...welcome to life), is unhealthy both for us and for those with whom we share relationships and interact with the most. We put ourselves at risk of medical, spiritual, and psychological distress, and in doing so, reflect the same on those around us.

Generating a positive cushion that's conducive to self reflection and contemplative thought generates a mental atmosphere that is supportive of a dynamic personal life and manifests authenticity of self, carrying with it intense feelings of love, hope, gratitude, and inspiration. It fosters divine consciousness.

Naked Consciousness.

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