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Its getting dangerously near to Valentines Day, and Hallmark is closing on us with dollar signs in its greedy eyes!  If you're feeling the pressure of cupid's arrow, let me encourage you:

* You are perfectly lovable. Your place of creation was one of Divine Love. You are an expression of Source Love. Love makes up the very fabric of your being.  Your desire to fulfill yourself in Love has brought you to this planet, where you would have the rare opportunity  to be refined in Love and increase in your capacity for Love.

* The reason you have not met and fallen in Love with the One is because there is only One. You may have dipped your toe in the water and fought for dear life to force Love, but were never fully satisfied. This is because your Divine capacity for Love is calling out unto itself; the frequency of its high vibration, your Spirit calling out to be reunited with your Soulmate, as you were always intended to be, is so delicious that in your delight,  you have attracted other seekers in a similar vibration to you.  Don't give up; your Soulmate is trying desperately to find you!
* The negative experiences you may have gone through in prior  (transitional) relationships, with the right perspective, have the ability to work in your favor. Allowing them to chisel away the impure residue of this realm and using them as teaching moments will create growth in your practices of compassion and forgiveness; both beautiful offerings to lay at the feet of your Love.

* The joy you experience in the place you're rooted in is what will ultimately reunite you with the One. Living in this physical realm can be deceiving; we can easily find ourselves lulled into a spiritual slumber, or worse, fall into the trap of the cycle of acquisition and want, which is in truth, a cycle of lack, density, fear, and shame. This slippery slope has the potential to take us in a direction where we misplace our priorities and unwittingly utilize our powerful spiritual vibrations to attract the wrong things; namely what we DON'T want: we DON'T want to be alone. We DON'T want to live in conflict. We DON'T want to run out of money. We DON'T want to get sick. We DON'T want to drive this broken down old car anymore. By directing our energy on what we DON'T want, the Law of Attraction, obliging as ever, creates a channel in which to pull those very things we DON'T want right out of the Universe and into our laps.

When we stay authentic to our true selves and operate out of our Original Spirit, we create a vibrational energy flow that brings us blessing. We remember who we are, and conventional or not, we radiate Light and pure Love. We are in perfect sync and harmony with the Universe, and because we are living in integrity true to our Original Spirit, our Soulmate can RECOGNIZE US.  Our Soulmate can filter out all that other chatter in the Universe, hone in on our vibrational pull, and find us.
Be happy. Follow your bliss. Meditate on your Love and offer loving vibrations to encourage your Soulmate that you're ready, waiting. Build an altar to your Love and leave offerings of prayers, poetry, and song. That's what I'll be doing.

The longer I've lived and the more experiences I've had, the more I've realized when looking back that I just wasn't ready. I've matured and blossomed, increased in beauty and insight. Depth. I have so much more to offer now than I did twenty years ago when I came of age. I've ripened. I've become ready.

Had I been reunited with my Love at twenty-five, I would have been unrecognizable; how could I have been known by my Spirit when I could barely recognize myself? I would have been destructive to our relationship, and caused needless suffering.

My wish for you this Valentine's Day is to live ecstatically. Experience joy. Be recognizable.

And as for me, I will be looking inside, in the place of Spirit, singing songs of Love to my One.

That is my offering.


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